• BM-100B10

1.Digital four-channel frequency technology have higher anti-interference.
2.Adopting plane guarding theroy,that is,when the system is armed,it will not affected by people's activities in and out of the guarding plane.

3.Rugged aluminum construction with sprayed chromate coating to guarantee no discoloring and chipped off.

4.Special filter lens to enhance the reliability of the product.

5.Built-in LED alignment indicator.

6.Built-in buzzer indicator,intelligent alignment recognition,no need for accurate optical axis alignment and easy installation.

7.Seperate swivel bracket,easy to be installed on the wall or any angle in the horizontal direction.

8.Separate anti-tamper output to support different guarding level.

9.Advanced "Three-in-one" detecting technology,high sensitivity and reliability,suitable for different environments and installation,especial in outside harsh environments.


  • Brand: TVS
  • Product Code: BM-100B10
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